Portions Master

Looking Great Starts With Your Plate!
Easy Portion Control for Everyday Life

Using the Skinny Plate is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below and you'll be well on your way to acheiving your target weight!

  1. Fill the largest part with vegetables and the other two with proteins and carbs.
  2. Lift the Skinny Plate off your plate.
  3. Enjoy your perfectley portioned meal!
Introducing the Skinny Plate

Skinny Plate has created a solution that trains people to eat healthier portion sizes by showing them how much food and the ratios of food they should be eating at every meal. The Skinny Plate approach has simplified and revolutionized how people achieve and maintain their weight goals; reducing their overall risk of health complications due to over-eating. This unique plating system can be used by people who need to control existing health conditions, or to lose weight.

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